Your data’s security

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Our building is secured with a security system that is Borg-certified and thus meets the highest quality standards. For additional surveillance, cameras have been installed at strategic points. In addition, numerous invisible safety measures are in place. The property is enclosed with an electric fence.
Datacenter Groningen also has an advanced access control system.

Fire protection

Fire protection has two parts: detection and extinguishing.

For detection, an aspiration detection system is used. This is a detection system that detects twice before raising the alarm. This is important because in a server room, air movement is different from other environments.

For extinguishing purposes, IG100®, an inert extinguishing gas, is used. This is a mixture of two substances already present in the air, nitrogen and argon. Your equipment will not be affected by corrosion or residues, and the mixture it is not harmful to the environment.

Permanent power supply

Datacenter Groningen guarantees a permanent power supply to prevent outages and possible damage to your equipment.

The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and the emergency generator exclude power interruption. There are two power circuits in the data centre. When one fails, your equipment remains powered. In case of a prolonged power failure, the system automatically switches to the emergency power generator. This is regularly tested by our maintenance team. We have 16 hours of fuel in stock for the genset as standard and this is replenished if necessary.

Racks come with a dual power supply (two power feeds) in your rack as standard. In one of these feeds fails, the total power supply required by you will run through the other feed, ensuring that your power supply continues uninterrupted and your equipment is not affected in any way.
It is therefore essential to connect your individual equipment to both the A power supply and the B power supply. If your equipment does not have that capability, you can use an automatic switching system (ATS).


You have 24/7 access to your ICT environment in the data centre. In your customer portal, you can define who can have access on behalf of your company. You will be provided with your own passes to gain access. We have a strict access policy, which is described in the key agreement.


The various components are proactively monitored 24/7 so that we can intervene immediately in case of any malfunctions. You can consider the air humidity and temperature, but also which access cards are active.

You can register your access via You can also see the power consumption of your rack space. This is logged every day. If you purchase connectivity, you can also see consumption in the portal.